Here at Afro Fine Art we strive to present you with unlimited varieties of art and their artists. We bring you around 30 of our finest Ethiopian artists. Most of them are graduates of Addis Ababa University. In addition to this they each bring you their own style of artistic brilliance. Every artist is in some way depicting the proud and yet not worldly discovered Ethiopian culture. Some portray the daily ongoing of a city and its citizens, what goes on in a typical Ethiopian market or maybe they vividly render some of the widely known Ethiopian history. No matter who the artist is he/she is in some way relaying an aspect of their culture, religion and history. We are proud and happy to be the medium through which you acquire not only arts but take with you a representation of Ethiopian culture.

Why did we choose to promote Ethiopian art and crafts to the world? Our goal is to connect artists and craftsmen of Ethiopia to the world. A continent with a lot of culture, diversity and vision has a lot to offer to the world but doesn’t have the right resources to promote or sustain its talents. Our mission is to represent the talented artists and craftsmen. The creators of the masterpiece work tirelessly to sustain the originality and depiction of their work. We are showcasing well known artists interested in showing their works with us.

We offer a unique opportunity for our clients. Not only will you be able to buy the art pieces shown here, you can also order a custom made work of art from the artist of your choice.